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A soup for my new cocotte! – Brussels sprouts, potatoes and mushroom velouté

Une soupe pour ma nouvelle cocotte! – Velouté de choux de Bruxelles, pommes de terre et champignons I have already made Brussels sprouts soup with cannelli beans a while ago, this is another version that is as good as the other one, just a little greener. I prefer Brussels sprouts in soups than as [...]

Bitter and sweet – Belgian endive velouté with orange shrimps

Douce et amère – Velouté d’endives aux crevettes Endive also called chicon in Belgium and Northern France is often used in French cooking and is such a creative vegetable. You can use it as a salad, soup, gratin, tarte, braised, and so many other ways. It is also high in magnesium, phosphorus, [...]

Automn Leaves – Sunburst squash and leek soup with oregano and yogurt, warm roquefort tartine

Les feuilles mortes – velouté de potimarron et poireaux à l’origan et yaourt, tartine chaude de roquefort I was listening to Yves Montand’s classic song “les Feuilles Mortes” translated by “Autumn Leaves” but it literally means “Dead Leaves” and it never fails, I get tears in my eyes…that song [...]
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