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Come here little turnip – Turnips stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, roquefort and walnuts

Petit navet, viens par ici – Navets farcis au champignons, épinards, roquefort et noix Aren’t those irresistible? Turnips tend to be forgotten as a vegetable, even though often used in soups. In France we eat turnips in so many ways, and we even use their leaves in soups. I love turnips, they [...]

The salad of all seasons – Warm spinach salad with shrimps, langoustines and edamame with a ginger lime vinaigrette

La salade de toutes saisons – Salade tiède d’épinards, crevettes, langoustines et edamame, vinaigrette au gingembre et citron vert Yes spring is on its way, well some days it feels like summer, then the following day the rain keeps pouring but I just want to believe spring is coming (never under [...]

Always so special – Green risotto

Sempre così speciale – Il riso verde Riso verde is a specialty I used to eat at our family restaurant in Italy, I haven’t eaten it anywhere else. My dad’s relatives have un’albergo-ristorante (an hotel and restaurant) Al Lago in San Lazzaro that also has a restaurant where they make wonderful [...]

Fall colors – Soup of Spinach, broccoli, leeks with whole wheat orzo and mimolette

Couleurs d’Automne – Soupe aux épinards, broccoli et poireaux, aux risoni complets et mimolette Winter is soup time, and when I ran into mimolette, I could not resist. I had not seen Mimolette before in the US and I was so excited. I had planned to make a gratin, and a soup with it, but the cheese [...]

The naked ravioli – Malfatti “gratinés” in a spicy tomato sauce

I ravioli nudi – Malfatti gratinati con salsina di pomodoro After this Thanksgiving celebration, it’s good to go back to a healthier kind of cuisine. The turkey ended up so dry, due to a guest arriving over an hour late, and my new oven with circular heat that cooks three times faster than [...]

It's raining soup! – Red rice soup with spinach, watercress, carrots and mushrooms

Il pleut de la soupe! – Potage aux épinards, cresson, champignons, carottes et riz rouge After the fog, the rain…yes I heard more is coming our way. Today was so rainy and windy, that the wind broke my brand new umbrella! In Europe, people have this particular image about California that it’s such [...]

Are there still fishes in the sea? – Salmon tart with spinach, onions and dill on a black sesame seeds, chili and herb crust

Y a t-il encore des poissons dans la mer? – Tarte au saumon, épinards, onions et aneth avec pâte au sésame, piment et herbes I love my rectangular molds and think I haven’t used them that much, so I need to place them somewhere I can see them, otherwise I tend to forget I have them. What a shame. [...]

The angry crêpe- Spinach crêpes stuffed with crab and prawns in a spicy and creamy tomato sauce

La crêpe est verte  - Crêpes d’épinards farcies au crabe et crevettes dans une sauce épicée légerement crémeuse de tomates et herbes  In French, the expression “être vert” “to be green”, means to be mad. So we have a green crêpe today, a pretty mad and angry one. Then it got filled with crab and [...]

Like a little boat – Stuffed zucchini with millet, spinach, parmesan and herbs

Comme un petit bateau – Courgettes farcies au millet, épinards, parmesan et herbes I don’t know why I am not a fan of stuffed vegetables, it is something I quite never had a great pleasure eating and I really cannot understand why. Maybe because they remind me of my childhood: the stuffed [...]
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