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Simple and traditional – Semolina flans with caramel

Simple et traditionnel – Flans de semoule au caramel   Some people call this gâteau, it’s more like a flan to me than a cake, no matter how you call it, this is a very traditional French dessert. It took me a while to find coarse semolina and even thought of bringing it back from France at some [...]

Triffasù – Strawberry cup with mascarpone mousse and raspberry coulis

Coppa di fragole, con crema al mascarpone e coulis di lamponi I was not sure how to translate coppa in English other than use the word cup…I am pretty sure there is a more accurate word for it…but nothing better came to my mind. I realized today that my English is getting worse while we were at a [...]

The fancy banana – Banana “en papillote” with vanilla and rum

La banane se fait chic – Banane en papillote à la vanille et rhum   Yes, this one is definitely my last post before I fly to France next week. I was going through one of my books called “La cuisine de Bistrot” from Tomawalk Editions, yesterday and this recipe really caught my eye. This is such a [...]

It’s cute and can be eaten too – Mini madeleines with tangerine and cointreau

C’est mignon et ça se mange – Mini madeleines à la tangerine et cointreau I cannot believe it took me a month to post those. Where did the time go? I miss the days I was able to post more often and I hope that things will slow down soon. As you know, in the US, everything is big and in France [...]

Honey roasted pear, tangerine mini madeleines and rose whipped cream

Poires rôties au miel et jus d’orange, mini madeleines à la tangerine et crème fouettée à leau de rose Another fruit based dessert, or snack or gourmandise, you name it. I might not have cooked much while in France, but I sure did buy a lot of kitchen gadgets, such as my silicon mini madeleines [...]

Sunday dessert – Espresso pot de crème

Dessert du dimanche – Pot de crème à l’expresso This is my last post before my trip to France, I am leaving on Monday to fly to Nancy (Lorraine) to visit my parents as every January. Hopefully I will get a lot of inspiration while at home and post some exciting recipes. In the meantime, I wanted [...]

Simplissime – Banana, caramel and rum pudding

Simplissime – Pudding à la banane, caramel et rhum If you are not a cook, nor a pastry chef, this would be for you…How a dessert can more simple? Besides, it’s quite light, so in my book all the attributes to be called a perfect dessert. I think as a “petite chose sucrée“, a little sweet thing to [...]

Birthday treat – Verrines of pain d’épices, peach compote and fromage blanc mousse

Gourmandise pour un anniversaire – Verrines de pain d’épices, compote de pêches et mousse au fromage blanc Another year is going by, who likes getting older? I don’t and people who say they do, I am not sure they really mean it…yesterday was my birthday and I got up with a massive headache! So I [...]

Pâte à Choux, part II – Divine Chouquettes

Pâte à Choux, 2ème partie – Divines Chouquettes After gougères, I thought to continue with pâte à choux and make something special for the sweet tooth crowd: Des Chouquettes! It’s basically the sweet version of gougères with a sweet dough and sprinkled with pearl sugar. Chouqettes in France are as [...]

Pause-café – Matcha tea financier with grilled peaches and strawberry coulis

Financier au thé vert, pêches grillées et coulis de fraises Financiers are a traditional individual little French cakes made with almond powder and brown butter. Usually they’re rectangular but I gave them their original round shape. They’re sometimes called Visitandines, due to their original [...]
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