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Just a little plate and that’s it!- Spicy chicken balls in curry coconut milk and minty green beans

Un petit plat et c’est tout! – boulettes de poulet épicées au lait de coco et curry, haricots verts à la menthe In France we say that to stay thin, you cannot have more than one serving and we believe that if you can resist temptation, and only go for the first round, you will stay thin and [...]

Four cobs and a tomato – Corn and curry tomato soup

Quatres épis et une tomate – Soupe de maïs et tomates au curry  Creamy soups are great for a light dinner…I had bought this fresh sweet corn on the cob a while ago. Needless to say Americans love corn, you find cobs everywhere in any supermarket, so no need to buy corn in cans, the fresh one is so [...]
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