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Apéro Gourmand – Soft bouchées with sheep Basque cheese and figs

Apéro Gourmand – Bouchées moëlleuses au fromage de brebis et figues I have to admit that I have a weakness for Basque cheeses, I am not a Basque and far from being one, but I love Basque cuisine and products. I used a pure sheep Basque cheese here, you can use other sheep cheeses but pecorino is [...]

An exotic gazpacho – Scallops with lychee gazpacho

Un gazpacho exotique- St Jacques au gaspacho de litchis A good friend of mine is half Basque, so one day, while browsing through her cookbooks, I found a very interesting book on Basque cuisine, written by Gerald Hirigoyen, an amazing Basque chef who owns a few restaurants in San Francisco, among [...]
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