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Come here little turnip – Turnips stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, roquefort and walnuts

Petit navet, viens par ici – Navets farcis au champignons, épinards, roquefort et noix Aren’t those irresistible? Turnips tend to be forgotten as a vegetable, even though often used in soups. In France we eat turnips in so many ways, and we even use their leaves in soups. I love turnips, they [...]

Unexpected canapés – Chèvre and mushroom canapés with honey and lavender sal

Canapés inattendus – Canapés au chèvre et champignons, miel et sel de lavande I made a pizza a few nights ago, something I don’t do as much as I used to, and I had leftover dough I didn’t want to through away. I just hate to throw away food and more so doughs that can be used in so many different [...]

Rock and Rolls purple rain – Rolls with chards and goat cheese, heirloom tomato dipping sauce

Rock and Rolls purple rain – Rouleaux aux blettes et chèvre, sauce aux tomates anciennes I consider those to be Mediterranean tapas, actually tapas don’t have to be Spanish, or do they? …a small bite can be a tapas in my opinion.  I am not too familiar with Spanish traditions but it seems like [...]

Just for fun – Zucchini flans with olives, feta and mint in a heirloom tomato vinaigrette

Juste pour s’amuser – Flan de courgettes, aux olives, feta et menthe à la vinaigrette de tomates anciennes You can make those just for the fun of it because they’re so easy and quick to make. Those cute flans have been always a favorite of mine and whoever tried them too. They are addictive and [...]

Light weight – Cauliflower flan with gorgonzola and thyme

Poids plume – Flan de chou fleur gourmand au gorgonzola et thym I don’t know what is going on with me lately, I just want to eat flan, sweet, savory anything that looks like a flan or tastes like a flan…and I am not even pregnant. I think it has to do with its consistency…anyway my life functions [...]

When corn and cumin meet – Quand le mais et le cumin se rencontrent

Crunchy corn and scallion fritters with chili garlic sauce These little corn fritters or galettes (galettes are somehow equivalent to pancakes) are very popular as appetizers along with a green salad or as finger food on their own. They’re vegan too and extremely flavorful, so certainly not the [...]
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