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On the light side – Quick and fake vegetable moussaka

Du côté léger – Moussaka rapide aux lentilles This post is overdue, I started it before I went to Tel Aviv, but never managed to finish it, so after days of wonderful fresh food, I came back to France where the bad weather conditions made me want to go back to sunny Israel. There is definitely a [...]

Mother duck just laid some eggs! – Duck egg omelette with onions, tomatoes, goat cheese and herbs

Mère canard a aussi pondu – Omelette aux oeufs de canard, onions, tomates, chèvre et herbes I found those beautiful duck eggs at Whole Foods a couple of days ago, among quail and ostrich eggs! I bought six and just two were left so I figured that was going to be my lunch. First I wasn’t sure if I [...]

Focaccia or Schiacciata? – Stuffed schiacciata with onions, zucchini, mushrooms and fontina

Focaccia o schiacciata? – Schiacciata ripiena con cipolle, zucchine, funghi e fontina Even though this week is a crazy week, I think I am even crazier to be cooking, when I should be either packing or painting or working on some menus and certainly not working on my blog. I am just a little [...]

Alain Ducasse's dumplings – Steamed tomato and olive dumplings with soy-balsamic dipping sauce

Les ravioles d’Alain Ducasse – Ravioles de tomate et olives vapeur, sauce soja et balsamique Since I have been talking about alain Ducasse and that he is one of my favorite chefs,  and one of the most prestigious in France with its 14 Michelin stars, I thought to present one of his recipes that [...]

One unexpected gratin – Gratin with spaghetti squash, potatoes, tomatoes, gruyère, parmesan and basil

Un gratin inattendu – gratin de courge spaghetti, tomates, pommes de terre, gruyère, parmesan et basilic Now I know that this might be a little too much of spaghetti squash in just a couple of days. I was not planning on writing a blog about it, I took the pictures, just in case…then after eating [...]

For a Sunday brunch…or not – Mouillettes with heirloom tomato salad, rucola and pancetta wrapped yellow carrots

Pour le brunch du dimanche…ou pas – mouillettes avec salade de tomates, roquette, et carottes jaunes roulées à la pancetta In France we don’t have something called brunch, we either have breakfast or lunch. Brunch is an Anglo-saxon concept, and I like it. There is a restaurant in Sausalito (San [...]

The shrimps and the zucchini fell in love – Whole wheat penne with a hot shrimp zucchini tomato sauce

I gamberi e le zucchine si sono innamorati – Penne integrali con gamberi, zucchine, e pomodori al peperoncino Yes, they are…they are a great match! I had wonderful gnocchi in Italy a long time ago with shrimps and small diced zucchini – Gnocchi were small, and the sauce absolutely divine. When I [...]

Chilled soup to absolutely try – Watermelon and tomato gazpacho with goat cheese and basil

Soupe glacée à essayer absolument – Gaspacho de pastèque et tomates au chèvre et basilic Una zuppa fredda da fare assolutamente – Gaspacho d’anguria con pomodori, formaggio di capra e basilico If you like regular gazpacho, you’ll like this one too. I promise. At first, when I heard a friend had a [...]

The angry crêpe- Spinach crêpes stuffed with crab and prawns in a spicy and creamy tomato sauce

La crêpe est verte  - Crêpes d’épinards farcies au crabe et crevettes dans une sauce épicée légerement crémeuse de tomates et herbes  In French, the expression “être vert” “to be green”, means to be mad. So we have a green crêpe today, a pretty mad and angry one. Then it got filled with crab and [...]

Don't confuse it with a pizza – Tatin with tomatoes, ricotta salata, goat cheese and basil

Ne pas confondre avec une pizza – Tarte tatin facon pizza aux tomates confites, ricotta, chèvre, lardons, basilic et moutarde I really don’t like to throw food away…I had some leftover dough that I used to make the Tarpiz a few days ago and I thought it would be a shame to throw away that [...]
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