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Unexpected canapés – Chèvre and mushroom canapés with honey and lavender sal

Canapés inattendus – Canapés au chèvre et champignons, miel et sel de lavande I made a pizza a few nights ago, something I don’t do as much as I used to, and I had leftover dough I didn’t want to through away. I just hate to throw away food and more so doughs that can be used in so many different [...]

A soup for my new cocotte! – Brussels sprouts, potatoes and mushroom velouté

Une soupe pour ma nouvelle cocotte! – Velouté de choux de Bruxelles, pommes de terre et champignons I have already made Brussels sprouts soup with cannelli beans a while ago, this is another version that is as good as the other one, just a little greener. I prefer Brussels sprouts in soups than as [...]

A wild side – Wild rice "à la forestière" with mushrooms, carrots and walnuts

Un côté sauvage – Riz sauvage à la forestière aux champignons, carottes et noix I haven’t realized Thanksgiving is coming soon, then I am leaving to visit my family in France shortly after, not sure I will have time to make it to Italy but we’ll see. It’s been one year I did not go home, and I am [...]

Fregola is acting like a risotto – Saffron fregola with grilled zucchini and mushrooms

La Fregola è gelosa del risotto – Fregola allo zafferano con zucchine e funghi I adore Fregola’s texture…those little round balls that are similar to couscous but are really not…It’s a pasta specialty from Sardinia and when cooked they remain somehow chewy and al dente at the same time. This [...]

It's raining soup! – Red rice soup with spinach, watercress, carrots and mushrooms

Il pleut de la soupe! – Potage aux épinards, cresson, champignons, carottes et riz rouge After the fog, the rain…yes I heard more is coming our way. Today was so rainy and windy, that the wind broke my brand new umbrella! In Europe, people have this particular image about California that it’s such [...]

Little time and a big hunger – Malloredus pasta with wild mushroom ragù

Poco tempo e tanta fame – Malloredus con sugo ai funghi di bosco When you have no time for cooking, this would be a dish to consider…of course if you have some wild mushrooms handy, even better. I had those beautiful yellow chanterelles and oyster mushrooms in my refrigerator with so many ideas [...]
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