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As delicate as a flower – Quince preserve

Aussi délicate qu’une fleur – Gelée de coings I have been completely away from my computer and the internet world since I arrived in Nancy. The weird thing is that when I come home, I just disconnect completely from my computer and phone. I like the slow pace, relaxed energy and long walks in the [...]

My finger got stuck in the jar – Ebelskivers stuffed with Nutella

Mon doigt s’est coincé dans le pot- Ebelskivers à la nutella Well, I would have never thought to make something with Nutella…Usually, I don’t cook with Nutella, I just eat it from the jar, and when the jar is half empty, I use my fingers. No worries, I do not stick my finger in any jar that I [...]

Something for breakfast…or not – Mini Manqué pear cakes with blackberry jam

Une petite douceur pour le déjeûner… ou pas – Mini manqués aux poires et la confiture de mûres Not that I particularly love to celebrate my birthday as a great or special day at all, but it’s the nostalgic side of me that talking. I like to do something different every year because I want to [...]
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