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A Goat in the kitchen – Cauliflower and leek gratin with goat milk

Une chèvre dans la cuisine – Gratin de chou fleur et poireaux au lait de chèvre I forgot how DMV can be a nightmare, waiting for your number 389 when the current number is 210 can be the story of an afternoon. So people bring balls to play with, and all kinds of entertainment to spend three to [...]

Rise and fall – Carrot, acorn squash and taleggio soufflé with goat milk

Attention ca retombe vite! – Soufflé aux carottes, courge et taleggio au lait de chêvre I cannot tell you for how long I wanted to make this soufflé with goat milk. I made a vegetable gratin with goat milk that was delicious so I wanted to use this delicate milk in a soufflé and see what would [...]
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