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A thought for Boby – Mâche salad with shrimps on corn purée and truffle oil

Une pensée pour Boby – Salade de Mâche aux crevettes sur purée de maïs et huile de truffe Don’t you guys love truffles? I grew up eating them, since my father himself grew up in Italy in a region producing lots of truffles, so when he moved to France he brought with him a dog called Boby, whom he [...]

Four cobs and a tomato – Corn and curry tomato soup

Quatres épis et une tomate – Soupe de maïs et tomates au curry  Creamy soups are great for a light dinner…I had bought this fresh sweet corn on the cob a while ago. Needless to say Americans love corn, you find cobs everywhere in any supermarket, so no need to buy corn in cans, the fresh one is so [...]
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