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Pasta History

Pasta and pizza are considered the two Italian national dishes, and Italians consume pasta about once a day which adds up to something like 30 kg per year. There has been discussions and disagreements about the origin of pasta, some say Marco Polo brought pasta when he came back from his trip to [...]

My new Mattarello… for those interested in rolling their own pasta

When it comes to fresh made pasta, you can either make it with a pasta machine or by hand with a rolling-pin. In Italian that rolling pin is called mattarello. Since, I broke my machine, I decided to go back to the more traditional way of pasta making and using a wooden mattarello, but living in [...]

Berkeley Bowl

I am stunned that many people live in the Bay area and have no clue about what Berkeley Bowl is. I am a little surprised that no one ever mentions Berkeley Bowl. It seems that San Franciscans stay local and do not drive to Berkeley for grocery shopping maybe they think they have it all in San Francisco. I can drive hours to get what I want. Even though the city has many great places to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, nothing is comparable to Berkeley Bowl besides it contributes to sustainable produces and local farming.
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